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We strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with the USATF Rules of Competition prior to race day, as all AMP events have been modeled after these regulations.  Otherwise, please be aware of the general event rules & company policies below.

General Event Rules

Age Groups – Competitive divisions are determined by an athlete’s age on race day and groups are in 10 year increments. *Note: Those who place in the top 3 for their distance and gender will be moved to an overall division, regardless of age, leaving the remaining field eligible for division awards.

Audio Devices – iPods or other portable music devices that require the use of a headset are allowed, but for safety purposes and so you can hear event announcements and course directions, please be sure to keep the volume at a reasonable level. *IMPORTANT: Devices that deliver guidance or direct help to an athlete are considered ‘assistance’ and may subject the athlete to disqualification under USATF Rule 144.

Awards – Although winners must be present to receive prizes, those who are unable to stay for the ceremony will have 1 week to claim their award by emailing Winners may choose to pick up their award at an upcoming AMP event or have it mailed, but payment of postage & handling will be required in advance of any mailing.

Bibs – Race numbers must be worn and visible from the FRONT at all times. Safety pins will be provided at packet pick-up for those who do not have a set of our BibFix or race belt. Please be aware that bib numbers are assigned and programmed into our system uniquely for each athlete. If you are checking in with a friend or family member, please be very careful not to swap bibs. *Note: Due to the unfortunate actions of some bandits (athletes who race without registering), if your bib is not visible when you cross the finish line, you will not receive a medal, guaranteed timing results or be eligible for awards, and you will not have access to hydration or nutrition.

Course – Ground markings, directional signs, marshals and volunteers will be positioned to guide you through the course, but it is always a good idea to study up in advance. Both printable and interactive maps are available on the event pages and will be posted at Packet Pick-Up, but will not be printed and distributed to each athlete.

Dogs – The last thing we want to do is to stop allowing four-legged, fuzzy athletes to participate. If you are running with a dog, please keep their leash as short as possible AT ALL TIMES… not just when you see someone coming. *Note: If you have difficulty because someone running with a dog leaves a long leash, please try to make a mental note of their bib number, then let us know about it after you finish so we can get in touch with them personally.

Drop Zones – Beginning about 150′ before and ending about 150′ after the first aid station, athletes may drop layers of clothing and equipment they no longer need. Our amazing staff and team of volunteers will get personal items to Lost & Found as quickly as possible, just please be sure your name is on these items for easy identification after you finish. *Note: Although we will deliver all dropped items to Lost & Found, only those left on your first pass by aid 1 can be brought in immediately. If you drop items near any other aid station, please plan to wait until the end of the event to pick them up.

Email – Spam filters can send our communications to your junk folder or worse… block them completely, even if you’ve received them in your regular inbox in the past. Rest assured… if you’re registered, we’re sending them. If you haven’t added us to your contact list or specifically allowed email from us otherwise on your end, please plan to check the website for all event details.

Entry Changes – Should you decide to change distances after you register, or whoops… realize you entered as a male instead of a female, please be sure to log in to imAthlete at least 3 days before the event so we are able to assign the appropriate bib number. *IMPORTANT: Your timing chip is not a GPS tracking device. If you decide to change distances after online registration has closed, you MUST notify the folks at packet pick-up. If, for any reason, you need to change distances after you’ve started your race, you must personally notify the timers immediately after you cross the finish line or you will be disqualified.

Gear Check – Please feel free to check anything from goodie bags or duffels to a single set of keys, but please be sure you have consolidated into one piece only, and know that you are checking AT YOUR OWN RISK. Although we will do our best to keep your items safe, we will not be hiring professional security and will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for lost, stolen or damaged items. *IMPORTANT: Don’t take your bib number off until you have picked up your gear! For security purposes, checked items will only be released to an athlete wearing the corresponding bib number. Any gear not picked up by the end of the event will be considered ‘Lost & Found’ and will be handled in the manner specified below.

Hydration – The best strategy for endurance athletes is to maintain focus on staying fully hydrated beginning one week before race day, but good hydration is especially critical for two or three days prior to the race. Please consider hydration as a key to having your best race and avoiding a visit with the medics!

Litter – Please remember that we are guests of the venues that welcome us and that litter on the course or around the finish line area could jeopardize the life of this event. Please DO NOT LITTER! Instead, please utilize the drop zone described above or dispose of all trash in proper receptacles. *Note: Although the official ‘drop zone’ is only at the first aid station, we will scour for trash within a reasonable distance surrounding all aid stations, so please don’t feel like you need to carry cups & such as you complete your race.

Lost & Found – All items picked up from within the drop zone or found around the venue during clean-up will be taken to Lost & Found, which will be located under the tents where Packet Pick-up was held. Please check to see if we have what you’re looking for before heading home for the day, or email us using our ‘Contact’ page as soon as possible following the event as items will only be kept for a period of 1 week. You may chose to pick up your item at an upcoming AMP event or have it mailed, but payment of postage & handling will be required in advance of any mailing.

Merchandise – Because shipping is not an option for merchandise delivery, please be sure to pick up (or send someone to pick up) anything you purchased with your registration. All items that ultimately go undelivered will be restocked back into inventory without the benefit of a refund.

Packet Pick-Up / Photo ID – Because we promise to provide a serious race for those seriously competing and because we need to prevent the theft of entries by those who might just pick a name off the posted roster, all athletes will be required to provide photo proof of identity to pick up their packet. *IMPORTANT: Only those who personally registered online and agreed to all waivers at that time may send someone to pick-up their packet for them. Anyone you send must have a copy of your photo ID.

Participants – Competitive runners, joggers, walkers, K9 companions, wheelchairs & strollers… all are welcome, but please plan to show respect for your fellow athlete by following basic trail etiquette and staff direction for start line positioning on race day. (By ‘competitive runner’ or ‘in it to win it’ we mean anyone interested in getting their best possible time. Racing for the overall or age group podium? That’s you! Racing for a PR? That’s you too!)

Porta-Poos – Under no circumstances should athletes ‘relieve’ themselves along the course. Please use the units provided before or after you race. *Note: In many cases, units will be positioned along the course. Please check the event pages for details.

Post-Race Meal – Mmmm… breakfast burritos! Please enjoy some immediate hydration at the finish line then catch your breath & look for the area in expo where we will be serving breakfast burritos, bagels, fruit & chocolate milk! Although the post-race meal is FREE for registered athletes… it is for athletes only. All spectators should plan to bring food & beverage accordingly.

Pre-Race Hydration / Nutrition – Please know that all Finish Aid and Meal supplies have been calculated based on the expected number of finishers and are for athletes post-race only. Please plan pre-race hydration / nutrition accordingly.

Prize Drawing – To be sure we call out only those who are present, prize tickets will not be taken until the start of each award ceremony. Please wait for award ceremony staff to call for tickets at those times.

Results – Preliminary results will be displayed in the expo area throughout the race, then at by the end of race day. *IMPORTANT: Please be sure to find your finish time on displayed results before your award ceremony, even if you don’t expect to have placed. Discrepancies should be reported to the timers immediately to allow for any necessary corrections and to ensure the right awards go to the right athletes. Although discrepancies discovered online later may either be reported through the contact function at Online Race Results or via our ‘Contact’ page, athletes will not be entitled to an award when the necessary correction went unaddressed on race day. Discrepancies of any kind for any reason must be submitted by 11:59p on the Tuesday following the event to be considered for revision.

Safety / Medical – All staff vehicles and aid stations will be equipped with first aid kits, and EMT’s will be positioned at the start / finish line for anyone who may need assistance.

T-Shirts – We want you to LOVE your race shirt! Although you will initially be given the size you requested when you registered, if you find that a different size might work better, please stop by the tents where Packet Pick-up was held after you race to see if a swap is possible. Also, because goodies must be ordered far enough in advance to have them printed & shipped, athletes who register online after advance pricing ends (during late pricing) will receive SWAG on a first come, first-served basis. If the shirt size you prefer is unavailable when you register, please select your next best size to be sure you get one, then stop by the packet pick-up area after you race to see if a swap is possible. To be certain those who registered earliest receive the size they ordered, athletes who register during walk up registration (at Early Packet Pick-Up or on race day) will need to wait until after they race to select from the sizes available.

Timing – Race times will be tracked & scored using the disposable chip on your bib. Awards and results will be based on chip times (time starts when you cross the mats), rather than gun times (time starts when the gun goes off), so please be aware that even if no one passed you, it IS possible that they could finish with a faster time.

Trail Etiquette – Because we utilize area trails rather than roads open to traffic for your safety, the more athletes there are on race day, the more important trail etiquette principles become. Not only should you consider your fellow racers, but John Q. Public will be out there as well. Very basically… stay as far right as possible at all times so other runners and/or bikes can pass on the left. *Note: If you are participating with friends or family… please fall back to single file when another athlete approaches, keeping in mind that they may be coming either from in front of or from behind you. If you are the athlete approaching from behind, please be sure to call out in advance so they know you’re coming.

Updates – Urgent event or course updates will be posted on the event page of this website, posted on Facebook, and emailed to registered athletes if time / circumstances allow. Please bookmark our website, ‘like’ us on Facebook, and add as a safe sender to be sure you are kept in the loop.

Walk-Up Registration – Although checks will not be accepted, we’re cool with cash or credit / debit (Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover). A 3% processing fee will be added to all card transactions. *IMPORTANT: Due to the need for waivers to be signed, all walk-up entries must be completed in person. Please do not send a friend or family member to register on your behalf.

Wrap-Up – Although we are no longer sending post-race wrap-up emails… no worries, those same links to photos & results will be posted to the event page of our website in advance for your online viewing pleasure.

AMP Company Policies

Deferral / Transfer PolicyIf for any reason, an athlete needs to withdraw from an event they have already registered for they will have 5 options:

  1. Deferring to another event will be allowed until 30 days in advance.  Athletes who wish to do so should login to their entry via imAthlete using their original confirmation code, and will have the option to defer to any event taking place within the next 12 months.  Deferral fees range from $5 – $25, depending on the race distance.  (No deferrals will be allowed within 30 days of an event, deferral codes must be redeemed via online registration, and unredeemed codes are forfeited.)
  2. Athletes who wish to withdraw up to 14 days in advance of the event they’ve registered for will have the option to cancel their existing entry and receive a 50% credit toward any event taking place within the next 12 months.  Once again, athletes should login to their entry via imAthlete using their original confirmation code to manage their entry directly.  (No credits will be issued within 2 weeks of an event, credits must be redeemed via online registration, and unredeemed credits are forfeited.)
  3. Registered athletes who wish to transfer their entry to a friend or family member up to 3 days in advance should notify AMP by emailing the following information to as early as possible: Full name, date of birth, event & race distance of the registered athlete who can no longer participate. A discount code will be issued to the registered athlete in the amount originally paid, less a $10 administrative fee. Although the recipient of this discount may chose to race a different distance, they will only be allowed to register for the original event and must use the discount code before online registration closes. (Transfer discounts will not be honored at packet pick-up / walk-up registration and unused balances are forfeited.)
  4. Registered athletes who wish to sell their entry on the open market can now do so through BibHub… the legal, simple, safe way for athletes to buy and sell race bibs in seconds. BibHub provides you with access to a global audience of potential buyers and does not require the exchange of personal information. (This process is facilitated entirely by BibHub.  Please visit for all fees & deadlines or to answer any questions you may have.)
  5.  If none of the above work out quite right, athletes will have the option to downsize their race right up to 5 minutes before gun time for the shorter distance they choose to participate it.  Just let the folks at packet pick-up know when you arrive, and we’ll get you switched over.  (Athletes who decide this is their preference prior to online registration closing should log in to imAthlete using their original confirmation code to make the change in advance.)
  6. Dang… it’s killing you, but there’s just no way you can benefit from any of the first 4 options?  We’re happy to get you your SWAG… it’s yours after all. Just shoot us an email at least 24 hours before the first gun to let us know you won’t be racing and include which of the following works best:  A. You can still come (or send someone) to pick it up, either early or on race day… B. You’re happy to wait until the next time you race with us and pick it up then… or, C. You’re willing to cover postage and will watch for an invoice to be emailed within a week after the event.  (Sorry, emailing either within 24 hours of that first gun or after the event will mean the trucks have been loaded and/or we can’t pull your SWAG until after others have had the opportunity to swap shirt sizes.  Should that be the case, we’ll respond with what sizes remain available within a week after the event.)

Event Modifications / Cancellations Although we plan to race rain or shine, race directors, officials and/or venue management reserve the right to reschedule, modify or cancel any or all portions of an event if weather conditions or anything else compromises athlete safety or makes the originally planned event unachievable. There will be no refunds and no credits toward another race for modified, rescheduled or canceled events.

Photo ID  To prevent the theft of entries by folks who might just pick a name off the posted roster, photo proof of identity will be required to pick up your packet. This is for your protection so no fair yelling at the race director if you forget.

Refund PolicyThere will be no refunds under any circumstances whatsoever.  This policy will be strictly adhered to in fairness to all, so please do not email in asking for an exception.  

Unauthorized Transfers Anyone who swaps, sells or gives their race number to a friend or family member without authorization will not be allowed to participate in another AMP event for one full year and will be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate governing body.

Waivers It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of all policies in advance. Agreeing to the waivers and payment of your entry fee constitutes your acceptance of all AMP policies, without exception.

Privacy Policy

To be sure you have easy access to important updates, registering for an All-Out event is one in the same with an opt-in to our email list. If you prefer to look up event specifics on your own, that’s cool… an unsubscribe link is provided at the bottom of each and every email we send.

Information shared with third parties is limited to only that which is absolutely necessary to bring you the quality features we’ve promised, such as results being sent to the Boston Athletic Association. Otherwise, our policy is very simple:

Rule 1– We will never, ever share your personal or contact information with anyone else… ever.
Rule 2– When in doubt, see Rule 1.