All-Out Multicourse Productions is a for profit company established out of a passion for endurance sports, a love of event production and a desire to give back.  Like most of you, we have a mortgage to pay, but after many years of punching a clock for ‘the man’, we discovered that enjoying what we do and working to make a difference are more important than getting rich.  We have no desire to compete with events the size of the Bolder Boulder, Colfax Marathon or any Rock ‘n Roll race.  Instead, as we grow, we will be listening for your feedback regarding the friendly, personal feel of our events and will ultimately determine a cap for participation… big enough to be competitive, but not so big that you get lost in the crowd.
We choose to support charities near and dear to our hearts.  As we continue to maintain a solid, long-term business foundation our athletes can rely on, we dedicate our time & effort to bringing awareness and encouraging donations from the endurance sports community.  (When you donate your hard earned money by adding to your entry fee, you can be certain that not one penny is kept by All-Out Multicourse.)  Additionally, we donate from general revenue as we are able, intending to fully match athlete donations dollar for dollar.  Should someone donate their lottery winnings or something however, sadly… we would need to consider the cost of producing future events in determining the amount we contribute on behalf of AMP.

Meet Your Event Staff

D Wiedeman- Event Director, Founder & CEO Certification Combo3
As a part of the endurance community since 2007, RRCA and USAT Certified Race Director, D Wiedeman has produced everything from 5K’s, 10K’s, half & full marathons to duathlons and triathlons; simultaneously in many cases. By directing Best of the US national qualifiers, USAT championships, and events supporting over 450 charities nationwide, D has developed a passion for the encouragement of each athlete, from first to last, and has found that choosing to have a ‘failure is not an option’ attitude is the best recipe for success.
Doug Wiedeman- Course Manager & Co-Owner
Doug has been enjoying that ‘certain something’ about running that’s tough to explain since his early 20s, then in 2010 discovered that being on the production side of things was equally as rewarding.  “Sure, it’s amazing to see the grace & power of the athletes leading the pack… that’ll never get old, but to know I might be making some small difference for athletes of all abilities is what really blows me away.”  
Mitch Kusick
Assistant Event Director
Michelle Norris
Venue Coordinator
Staff Pic- Patrick
Patrick Foster
Venue Coordinator
Sarah Sorg
Venue Coordinator
Mel Ryder
Course Coordinator

Stacey Roberts
Venue Coordinator
Chris Briggs
Venue Coordinator
Lacy Jones
Venue Coordinator
Jon Cunningham
Venue Coordinator

On a Personal Note

If we ever find ourselves chatting over a beer or something I’ll be happy to tell you the story, but for now… trust me when I say that All-Out Multicourse is a total God thing. Whether it’s for a reason, a season or a lifetime, I don’t know… I just know that the blessings we’ve seen have been obvious, abundant, and are the only reason we have been able to serve so many athletes. We LOVE what we do, and we love that YOU love what we do, so first and foremost, our humble thanks goes out to our amazing Lord and Savior. To God alone be the glory!

Second, to a man who probably doesn’t even know the impact he had on my life, Jerry Mack. About 25 years ago, Jerry taught me that although it might be easier to ask someone else for the answer to a problem, it’s much more satisfying to work hard and figure it out. You made me a problem solver Jerry, and gave me the ability to do this event thing I love so much.

Third, to the man who taught me everything I know about producing quality endurance events, Brogg Sterrett. 2010 without your encouragement, guidance & support = nervous breakdown. You continue to amaze me with your energy and your event genius each time I have the opportunity to work with you. Word, brotha!

To my amazing husband, Doug Wiedeman, for agreeing to go All-Out right alongside me, to my parents, Don & Barb Mikesell, for their willingness to work their butts off in their retirement (RIP, Dad… I’ll do my best to make you proud!), and to my dear friends who dropped everything to help me make this crazy dream a reality, Kathy Kluthe, Travis Kluthe, Dan Croke & Megan Henning… you guys mean more to me than I can put into words. Without each and every one of you, All-Out Multicourse simply would not exist.

Athlete Advisory Panel

Because we are committed to never losing sight of the fact that our events are in service to our athletes, and to the heartfelt belief that there’s always room for improvement, the common ‘ambassador program’ implemented by so many others just wouldn’t do. Sure… our staff is full of runners, but there are only a few of us, and perspectives can be very different depending on which side of the finish line you’re coming from.

Seats on our panel are by invitation only, and to avoid any sense that they will be rewarded for positive feedback, those who accept receive nothing in return. There is no expectation that panel athletes work to market our events for us, no requirement to volunteer and no condition that their ideals or desires be similar to ours.

Some walkers, some runners, some veteran marathoners and some newbie 5K’ers, but all valuable perspectives that have little to do with their finish times… these athletes have demonstrated a dedication to their sport, an ability to communicate constructive criticism and a willingness to donate their time as they join forces with All-Out Multicourse for the betterment of the endurance community as a whole. With our sincerest appreciation, we honor our esteemed Athlete Advisory Panel.

Albright, Grace
Grace Albright
Albright, Jeremy
Jeremy Albright
Ashley, Shari
Shari Ashley
Bishop, Laura
Laura Bishop
Campbell, Jessica
Jessica Campbell
Clark, Kelly
Cox, Wayne
Wayne Cox
Crowell, Angelina
Frank, Crystal
Crystal Frank
Frank, Lindsay
Lindsay Frank
Gonzales, Leon
Leon Gonzales
Goodall, Jackie
Jackie Goodall
Guin, Kevin
Kevin Guin
Hall, Derek
Derek Hall
Hall, Linda
Linda Hall
Hall, Michael
Michael Hall
Kendrick, Kacey
Kacey Kendrick
Kendrick, Norm
Norm Kendrick
Kruger, Felicia
Felicia Kruger
Lyons, Jennica
Jennica Lyons
Lyons, Nathan
Nathan Lyons
McDonald, Ann
Ann McDonald
McLennan, Emily
Emily McLennan
Meade, Angelia
Angelia Meade
Peterson, Jim
Jim Peterson
Pfaff, Patsy
Patsy Pfaff
Purcell, Kimberly
Kimberly Purcell
Reno, Samantha2
Samantha Reno
Rousey, Chris
Chris Rousey
Salazar, Andres
Andres Salazar
Tomlinson, Barbara
Barbara Tomlinson
Walker, Rebecca
Rebecca Walker
Weiss, Kendra
Kendra Weiss
Westley, Ross
Ross Westley
 Wilson, Gene
Gene Wilson

Mission Statement

All-Out Multicourse is dedicated to the production of superior endurance events.

By creating organized, worry-free race environments, athletes of all abilities are able to enjoy the camaraderie unique to endurance sports, encouraged to challenge their limits, and motivated to be extraordinary.

Core Values

  • Integrity: First and foremost, in all situations, period.
  • Commitment: Excellence as a minimum standard.
  • Service: With respect and support for the ambitions of all.
  • Collaboration: For the betterment of the endurance community as a whole.


Certified RD Logo- Sm The Road Runners Club of America is the oldest and largest national association dedicated to the promotion of running as a competitive sport.  While certification is not required to produce a running event, race directors who have earned this status have completed a rigorous study program, passed a comprehensive exam with a minimum score of 85%, and communicate to participants that they can fully expect a safe, quality experience.  Additionally, all recognized RRCA Certified Race Directors have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics that ensures we will do everything in our power to conduct our events with the highest degree of ethical standards.
RRCA Certified Coach- Square- sm Since 1998, the RRCA has offered the Coaching Certification Program to provide a baseline of education for individuals seeking to become endurance running coaches.  Certification verifies that a coach has studied and been tested on a scientific body of knowledge designed to help runners of all ages and abilities achieve their goals, while minimizing the risks of injuries, and requires that all who will be certified agree to and abide by an equally comprehensive Code of Ethics / Standards of Conduct.
usat-crd-100px USA Triathlon is the sanctioning authority for multisport in the United States.  Certified Race Directors have completed a 16-hour training class focused on the latest in race directing methods, athlete safety, risk management and the standards for sanctioning a quality event.  While this training program is not required for an event to be sanctioned, athletes should expect more from race directors who have made the commitment to get certified.  Sanctioning an event with USAT ensures that event and course plans are in compliance with all safety standards and that races will be in a fair competition environment.
usatf-se-100px USA Track & Field is the National Governing Body for long-distance running and race walking in the United States.  Although we no longer sanction our events due to newly imposed regulations that would have required we stop allowing athletes to participate with their dogs, All-Out remains committed to following all other national and international rules and regulations of the sport, and to providing a safe environment for both participants and spectators.
Certified CPR- First Aid- AED The American Red Cross First Aid / CPR / AED Certification prepares students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies involving adults, children and infants through hands on practice and experience. As the most trusted provider of health & safety training, programs are developed and taught by world-class experts to ensure individuals are confident and ready to respond in almost any emergency situation.