Because we are committed to never losing sight of the fact that what we do is in service to our athletes, including our AMPbassadors, you’ll probably notice this isn’t your run-of-the-mill, ‘you work for us’ type of program.  Intended to be a balanced, give-and-take partnership, there are no timelines, quotas or minimum requirements.  Instead, we’ve developed a super simple system of credits that can be banked & spent however you like.

What You’ll Receive from Us

Unique “10% Off Any Race” discount code
Access to high resolution versions of our logos
Printed marketing materials
Personal profile published on the AMPbassador page of our website (Coming soon!)
Membership into our private Facebook group (for staff & AMPbassadors only)
Earliest opportunity to apply for open staff positions
Discounted entry fees into semi-annual Team races
Invitation to our annual Team All-Out BBQ

What We Ask in Return

Support of our core values and promotion of our races in a respectful, ethical manner
Dedicated effort to recruit & inspire others to register for All-Out events
Follow our social media pages – Like and/or comment on all our posts
Willingness to share your opinion and/or vote on specific proposals & ideas
Submission of ideas and/or constructive criticisms when you have them
Participation in our races as often as possible
Proud display of your team or AMPbassador apparel when you race other events
Exclusive event company relationship

Earn Credits in SO Many Ways

  Refer new athletes to All-Out events
   1M 2
   5K 4
   10K 6
   Half Marathon 8
   Marathon 10
Social Media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
   Post promoting either All-Out in general or a specific All-Out event 2
   Share one of our posts with comments that support the message 2
   Comments promoting All-Out or an All-Out event on other public company or group posts 2
Wear your team or AMPbassador apparel at another event, a group run or to the gym
   Included in one of the above social media posts 2
   Emailed to us or sent via social media message 2
Talk us up in a review or blog 4
Volunteer at a pre-race function 6
Volunteer on race day 12
Refer a race day volunteer 4
Refer a group of at least 5 race day volunteers 20
Refer a group of at least 10 race day volunteers 30
Represent All-Out at an organized group or club run 5
Represent All-Out in expo at someone else’s event (accompanied) 15
Represent All-Out in expo at someone else’s event (solo) 20

Spend Credits Any Way You Like

  Race Entries
   1M 6
   5K 12
   10K 18
   Half Marathon 24
   Marathon 30
Merchandise, Team or AMPbassador apparel
   $5 Gift Card 5

Join the Team

All-Out is now accepting applications from athletes passionate about our events and who want to help spread the word far and wide!

AMPbassadors might be runners or they might be walkers, veterans or brand spankin’ new… they could land on the podium fairly frequently or come in dead last from time to time.  Maybe you’re uber health conscious or maybe you run because dessert is your favorite food group… none of that really matters.  If you’ve been involved with All-Out events and think the whole world should know what we’re up to… by all means, click below to fill out an application today!

Thank you SO very much for your interest!  We will review applications periodically and will be in touch if we believe you’d be a good fit with the team.