This is the race that doesn’t end!  Yes, it goes on and on, my friend.  (If you know the song… sorry.  It’s stuck in our heads now too.)  In Colorado, it’s always running season, but which of us doesn’t tend to lose motivation at one time of the year or another?  By featuring identical courses at different times of year, you can motivate your winter training or measure your summer improvement on 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon courses.  Just race the same distance at back-to-back events, beat your time and YOU WIN!  (Finish times will be compared during the week after each event and winners will notified via the prize they receive in the mail.)

With 8 events making up 4 Endless Series’, boy… you’re gonna want to know how THIS works, huh?
Here are a couple examples:

You finish your Polar Prowl 5K race in 32:41. You race the same course 5 mo later and finish in 29:48.  YOU WIN! You race again in 7 mo and finish in 29:22.  YOU WIN AGAIN!
At Spring Fever you knock out a 10K in 57:14. You come in at 59:51 for Kooky-Spooky’s 10K.  You didn’t win, but you had a BLAST! Aww, yeah… Spring Fever felt great at 58:24. YOU WIN!

Get the picture?  Excellent!  The same goes for any distance at these events too!