All events are NOT created equal.  Anyone can throw together a running race, right?  Maybe, but will it be worth the fee you pay to enter?  How can you be sure when they all look the same and there’s SO many to choose from?  When you go All-Out, you can count on a rock-solid experience every time, cuz uh… we’re runners too, and dialed in baby!  From course measurements & markings to support, food, SWAG & fun… no joke, All-Out events can NOT be beat.  (Period – exclamation – smiley.)

Series Events & Competitions

All new for 2019 with more choices, finisher awards & personalized
SWAG, plus aww yea… 15% off single event entry fees!

Fast or not so much, short or long distances, millennials & masters
alike… we’ve balanced the playing field to see who’s really got the right stuff!

Individual Events

All-Out, All Year!

From January to December and from a mile to a marathon… we’ve got you covered!