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From the base of Table Mountain and Colorado’s spectacular foothills, All-Out Multicourse presents our 5th annual Kooky-Spooky, now including our ALL NEW 1 mile for all abilities!  Easily accessible from surrounding highways, all courses will hug the shores of Arvada’s Blunn Reservoir via Ralston Creek Trail and will challenge the beginner and veteran alike! 

Just days before Halloween… Kooky or Spooky costumes welcome!

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Why go All-Out? You get more!
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♦ RRCA Certified Race Director- Organization you can count on!
Our Certified Director and more than 20 years experience on staff mean your event will run smoothly. (Ha! No pun intended.)
♦ Early AND Race Day Packet Pick-Up- For those who like to prep in advance!
Sure, picking up early gets you another chance to win a prize, but no worries if you wait until race day… we make it quick & easy.
♦ Tech Shirts- No cotton allowed!
Long-sleeved, super comfy, moisture wicking & gender specific.
♦ Finisher Medals- Yup, even for the 5K!
Custom molded and distance specific, plus a little something extra for our 1 Milers too!
♦ Even More SWAG- We’re goin’ a little crazy to stock you up this year!
The very best lip balm on the market, from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen; the coolest pens we’ve ever seen; travel tissues for your pocket, purse or gym bag; and yup, finally… DISTANCE STICKERS!
♦ Souvenir Race Bibs- With pull tags for your convenience!
Yet another keepsake to remember your day, plus your meal & prize tickets are right
there at your finger tips.
♦ FREE Race Pics- Unlimited downloads are on us!
Professional photographers at the finish line AND on course… enjoy!
♦ Text Results & Placements- Individually sent to all who opt in!
Just provide your mobile number with your entry, then text the keyword ALLOUT to
550055 from that mobile device. Yup… it’s that easy!
♦ Gear Check- No trips back to the car for our athletes… no sir-ee!
Leave it with us… we’ll keep an eye on it for you.
16KS Medals
♦ Porta-Poos-A-Plenty- 3 Units for 500 people? What, are you crazy?
Ever had to run without using a restroom because the lines were too long? Ouch! We
provide more than triple the facilities as other events, including indoor, flushables
this time!  Thanks NAAC!!
♦ Accurately Measured, Clearly Marked Courses- Race the distance you trained for!
Not a little more and not a little less… we measure each course no fewer than 3 times
before race day.
♦ Start / Finish AND On-Course Medical- Nothing is more important than your safety!
Here’s hopin’ those guys are really bored, but just in case… each and every volunteer you pass knows who to call for help.
♦ Tons of Aid Stations- No need to carry any extra weight!
Not only will both water & electrolytes be handed to you at the finish line, but course aid stations are an average of just 1.5 miles apart.
♦ Disposable Timing Chips- No hassle at the finish line!
And no fees if you forget to return your timing chip either… we don’t need it back.
♦ Post-Race Meal- Breakfast burritos, fruit, bagels & CHOCOLATE MILK for all!
Yup, even if you’re dead last… we’re not going anywhere until we cheer you in.
♦ Electronic Results- No more endless sheets of data to sort through!
All results scroll on easy to read computer screens in the expo area during the event and are posted online by the end of the day.
♦ 3 Deep Awards- Overall AND Divisions!
Events small enough to stay friendly and personal give you a better chance of landing on the podium!  (1 Mile awards will be given to the top 3 overall in each gender only for the time being.)
♦ Prizes Galore- If you’re registered, you’re entered… easy peasy!
Just bring us your ticket at the start of your award ceremony and you’re in! (Psst… in most cases, everyone who sticks around for the giveaway goes home with a prize!)
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Final Endless Series Logo As a part of our first-of-its-kind Endless Series, race the same distance at back-to-back events to measure your progress on identical 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon courses. Prizes may be awarded to those who beat their previous time! Click here for more information.
New Virtual Race Graphic2 With about a gazillion reasons why you might not be able to join us on race day, we know you still want to race with your friends & family. Well, we’ve got your back! Space will be extremely limited, so get in early if you want to race from afar for any reason. Click here for more information.
PRKids Logo Special Attention Parents of kiddos age 5-12:  PRKids will be available to provide an exciting day of games & activities for your munchkins. With an event team consisting of carefully screened, CPR/First Aid certified child care providers… you sweat, while they take care of the small stuff.

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Who’s ready for one of the biggest additions to our races yet?

RaceJoy Announcement- Web

Live runner tracking in the palm of your hand at Kooky-Spooky!

Carry your phone loaded with RaceJoy to add to your experience!  Live GPS tracking, progress alerts and yup…
even audio cheers from your friends & family!  Available on both apple & Android devices… click here to download today!

Dedicated in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health agency committed to research that will cure blood cancers. Also providing free information and support services to improve the quality of life for patients and their families, the gift you make when you register will make a difference!

Matching Donations- Final

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Web Section Titles- Official Lodging Sponsor

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At Table Mountain Inn, Kooky-Spooky athletes will not only find the spirit of the West,
the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, and warm western hospitality,
but also 10% Off the Best Available Rate!

Book now using Discount Code SPCL2016, then get ready to enjoy their inviting
southwestern décor and modern amenities as you prepare to go All-Out on race day!

Button- Book Now

Site Map Directions Printable PDF

Jefferson County’s NAAC Stadium: 19500 W 64th Pkwy, Golden, CO 80403

KS Site Map


1M Course (46% Asphalt / 54% Concrete Interactive Map Printable PDF
1 Mile athletes will depart the east end of the NAAC parking lot then utilize the sidewalk on the south side of W 64th Pkwy to reach the underpass and Ralston Creek Trail. Running northwest for a short distance to the .5 mile mark, athletes will then turn around to return the way they came on this out & back course.
Male Record: TBD   Female Record: TBD   Event Average: TBD


5K Course (15% Asphalt / 83% Concrete / 2% Soft Surface) Interactive Map Printable PDF
5K athletes will depart the east end of the NAAC parking lot then utilize the sidewalk on the south side of W 64th Pkwy to reach the underpass and Ralston Creek Trail. Running northwest, with Blunn Reservoir on their right, athletes will have access to 1 aid station twice on this out & back course.
Male Record: Wylie Mangelsdorf- 17:16 (5:34)   Female Record: Ashley Brasovan- 18:03 (5:49)   Event Average: 37:00 (11:56)


10K Course (7% Asphalt / 92% Concrete / 1% Soft Surface) Interactive Map Printable PDF
10K athletes will depart the east end of the NAAC parking lot then utilize the sidewalk on the south side of W 64th Pkwy to reach the east underpass and the path that runs adjacent to the west side of Virgil Wy. Athletes will continue north until just past Tucker Lake, then west and south, following Ralston Creek Trail around Blunn Reservoir utilizing the west underpass to return they way they came into NAAC and the finish line. Porta-poos will be available just before the 2 mile mark, and aid stations will be positioned at or near the 1.5, 2.2, 3.8 and 5.1 mile marks.
Male Record: Eitan Halper-Stromberg- 35:58 (5:48)   Female Record: Linnabah Snyder- 39:51 (6:26)   Event Average: 1:06:15 (10:41)


Half Marathon Course (3% Asphalt / 96% Concrete / 1% Soft Surface) Interactive Map Printable PDF
Half Marathon Athletes will depart the east end of the NAAC parking lot then utilize the sidewalk on the south side of W 64th Pkwy to reach the 2nd underpass and the path that runs adjacent to the west side of Virgil Wy. Turning right to go east on Ralston Creek Trail, half athletes will complete a 7 mile out & back dogleg before rejoining the counter clockwise Blunn Reservoir loop. Utilizing the underpass at the reservoir entrance, athletes will make their way back up onto the 64th sidewalk then return they way they came to the finish line. Porta-poos will be available near the 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 mile marks, and 6 aid stations will offer 8 opportunities for athletes to fuel up every 1 to 1.5 miles.
Male Record: Ben Zywicki- 1:11:36 (5:28)   Female Record: Bean Wrenn 1:23:06 (6:21)   Event Average: 2:18:49 (10:36)
Aid Station Deets
15KS Aid Station Deets

Early: Thru 8/30 Advance: Thru 10/16 *Late: Thru 10/27 *Walk-Up
1M $30 / $25 (no swag) $35 / $30 (no swag) *$35 *$40
5K $35 / $30 (no swag) $40 / $35 (no swag) *$45 *$50
10K $40 / $35 (no swag) $45 / $40 (no swag) *$50 *$55
Half $60 / $55 (no swag) $70 / $65 (no swag) *$75 *$80

Too many race shirts to wear ’em all?  Not a fan of goodies in a bag?  That’s cool… just enter the following discount code when you register and bam… $5 saved!  (Don’t worry, you’ll still be sportin’ that finish line bling with a burrito filled belly when you download all those free race pics!)
Discount Code:  NOSWAG

IMPORTANT: Your decision to forego your race SWAG and register at the reduced rate is final. The moment you provide payment information & click to process your entry, changing your mind to add a shirt and goodie bag later will not be an option under any circumstances.

*Because goodies must be ordered far enough in advance to have them printed & shipped, late and walk-up entrants will receive SWAG on a first come, first-served basis.  If the shirt size you prefer is unavailable when you register, please select your next best size to be sure you get one, then stop by the packet pick-up area after you race to see if a swap is possible.

Discount- Run Amok2

Without YOU, these events simply wouldn’t be possible!

From event prep to packet pick-up, and from course marshals to meal service, there are a variety of ways you can help. Sure… when you volunteer, you can look forward to that warm & fuzzy feeling that comes by giving back, but with All-Out, there’s WAY more to it than that. There’s no experience necessary, but space is limited so please let us know you’re available right away! Athletes: We know endurance sports can take a big chunk out of your pocket book and we’ve got your back. Check out our ‘Earn a Free Entry’ program! Groups: Tired of those bake sales & car washes? We are happy to be a part of your fundraising efforts! (Donations begin with just 10 volunteers and you need not be an official nonprofit.) Students: Earn those credits in the most fun way possible!

Just click ‘Volunteer Now’ for more information, then brace yourself… you’re about to have a blast!

Button- Volunteer Now

Tuesday, 8/30 11:59p Early Pricing Ends
Sunday, 10/16 11:59p Advance Pricing Ends
Thursday, 10/27 11:59p Late Pricing Ends & Online Registration Closes
Friday, 10/28 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Early Packet Pick-Up & Walk-Up Registration  (Photo ID Required)
YMCA Logo Susan M. Duncan Family YMCA:  6350 Eldridge St, Arvada
Click here for a map or to get directions.
Don’t wait until race morning to pick up your packet!  Why?  Prizes, prizes, prizes!
In most cases our fabulous sponsors contribute SO many that some or all who pick up early will go home with a little something extra.  Oh, and psst… winning at packet pick-up will not reduce your chances of winning again on race day.
Sunday, 10/30 6:30a Volunteer Check-In
7:00a Race Day Packet Pick-Up & Walk-Up Registration Opens  (Photo ID Required)
8:45a Half Marathon Race Day Registration Ends
9:00a Half Marathon Start
9:15a 5 & 10K Race Day Registration Ends
9:30a 10K Start
9:40a 5K Start
9:45a 1M Start
10:15a 1M Awards & Prize Drawing
10:30a 5K Awards & Prize Drawing
11:00a 10K Awards & Prize Drawing
12:00p Half Marathon Awards & Prize Drawing

Directions – Jefferson County’s NAAC stadium is located at 19500 W 64th Pkwy in Golden, CO. From 64th & Hwy 93, go east one block to the stadium entrance on your right. Click here for a map or to get directions.

Parking – Athletes & spectators will be required to park in the areas shown in blue on the site map above, keeping the lot closest to the start / finish area available for volunteers, course vehicles and other event traffic. Please follow all parking signs & staff direction on race day.

Wheelchair / Stroller Access – All are welcome, but there is one short unpaved section of the course you should consider before registering. Please email us at for more information.


The above information is only that which is unique to this event.

Please click here to review other important general details and AMP Company Policies.