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Congratulations 2019 Finishers…
welcome to the Polar Prowl Alumni Club!
Sure, take some time to bask in the glow of your finish… maybe flaunt that bling or show off all
that sweet SWAG, but then if you have a moment, we would sure love to hear from you!

Please consider sharing your experience in one or both of the following ways:

Our sincerest hope is that you had an absolute blast and that we’ll see you at another race soon.
To be sure that’s the case, please take just a moment to let us know about your experience.
Seriously, depending on how much you’d like to say, this can take fewer than 30 seconds.
Responses will be accepted until 11:59p Tuesday, 1/15.

Hey, you’re posting anyway, right?  Tag us to spread the word to your friends & family
that there’s no need to look any further… All-Out events are the best!


Not only have individual results be sent via text to all who opted in, but for those who like to dig a bit deeper… searchable & sortable results have been posted at Online Race Results too!
Available at Running Guru by the end of the day Wednesday, 1/16! Print ‘em, post ‘em & share ‘em till your heart’s content cuz yup… unlimited downloads are on us. Enjoy!

And yup, Polar Prowl will once again be
part of our Run Amok Winter Series!

Get 15% off single event entry fees with discount code 20RAWinter!
Winter registration opens Sunday, February 24th!

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WAIT… don’t register until you’ve checked out the deep
discounts & primo perks that come with our Run Amok Series!


From the heart of the West Metro area and the Stenger Soccer Complex, All-Out brings you our 6th annual Polar Prowl!  Along with its Endless Series sidekick in June… Summer Breeze, these 1M, 5K, 10K and Half Marathon courses will follow Van Bibber Creek Trail west through Arvada’s open spaces with spectacular views of the countryside and Table Mountain.  Plus… all distances have a fairly level grade, so yup, get ready for a PR, or gather your besties and join in on the ALL NEW half marathon relay!

The first 5 relay teams to register will receive an All-Out Run Dry Cap for each team member!

♦ RRCA Certified Race Director- Organization you can count on!
With more than 75 events under the belt of our director and a staff with 25+ years experience, your event will run smoothly. (Ha! No pun intended.)
♦ Early AND Race Day Packet Pick-Up- For those who like to prep in advance!
Sure, picking up early gets you another chance to win a prize, but no worries if you wait until race day… we make it quick & easy.
♦ Race Shirts- The one you’ll want to wear EVERY day!
Long sleeved, & gender specific, of course… still poly for those moisture wicking properties, but with a touch of cotton for extreme comfiness.
♦ Finisher Medals- Custom molded & distance specific, even for the 5K!
Then a little something special for our 1 Milers too.
ALL NEW Half Marathon Relay- For that extra special bonding experience!
Splits designed for a variety of abilities… choose the leg that suits you.
♦ Brag Tags- For all individual repeat finishers!
Our little way of saying ‘Thanks for making Polar Prowl a tradition!’
♦ Souvenir Race Bibs- Event specific and personalized!
Personalized for all who get in by the advanced deadline… yet another keepsake to remember your day!
♦ FREE Race Pics- Unlimited downloads are on us!
Professional photographers at the finish line AND on course… enjoy!
♦ Gear Check- No trips back to the car for our athletes… no sir-ee!
Leave it with us… we’ll keep an eye on it for you.
♦ Porta-Poos-A-Plenty- 3 Units for 500 people? What, are you crazy?
Ever had to run without using a restroom because the lines were too long? Us too… ouch! We provide more than TRIPLE the facilities as other events.
♦ Accurately Measured Courses- Race the distance you trained for!
Not a little more and not a little less… we measure each course no fewer than 3 times before race day and mark them so they’re crystal clear.
♦ Medical Support- Nothing is more important than your safety! 
Here’s hopin’ those guys are really bored, but just in case… you’ll find our med crew both at the start / finish AND on course.  Plus, each and every volunteer you pass knows who to call for help.
♦ Tons of Aid Stations- No need to carry any extra weight!
Not only will both water & electrolytes be handed to you at the finish line, but course aid stations are an average of just 1.2 miles apart.
♦ Disposable Timing Chips- No hassle at the finish line!
And no fees if you forget to return your timing chip either… we don’t need it back.
♦ Electronic Results- No more endless sheets of data to sort through!
All results scroll on easy to read computer screens in the expo area during the event and are posted online by the end of the day.
♦ Text Results & Placements- Individually sent to all who opt in!
Just provide your mobile number with your entry, then text the keyword ALLOUT to 550055 from that mobile device.  Yup… it’s that easy!
♦ Post-Race Meal- Breakfast tacos, fruit, bagels & chocolate milk for all!
Yup, even if you’re dead last… we’re not going anywhere until we cheer you in.
♦ 3 Deep Awards- Overall AND Divisions!
Events small enough to stay friendly and personal give you a better chance of landing on the podium! (1 Mile awards will be given to the top 3 in each gender only, for the time being.)
♦ Prizes Galore- If you’re registered, you’re entered… easy peasy! Just bring us your ticket at the start of your award ceremony and you’re in! (Psst… in most cases, everyone who sticks around for the giveaway goes home with a prize!)
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THANK YOU for such a well- orchestrated event today! Attention to detail, easy to navigate morning of race, friendly staff and volunteers! Blue skies and sunshine on top!  ~Melissa
Final Endless Series Logo As a part of our first-of-its-kind race that doesn’t end, (yes, it goes on and on my friend), run the same distance at back-to-back events to measure your progress on identical Endless Series courses. Prizes may be awarded to those who beat their previous time!  Click here for more information.
New Virtual Race Graphic2 With about a gazillion reasons why you might not be able to join us on race day, we know you still want to race with your friends & family. Well, we’ve got your back! Space will be extremely limited, so get in early if you want to race from afar for any reason. Click here for more information.

Benefitting Charity

Dedicated in Support of Hope House of Colorado!

Hope House Logo

Hope House of Colorado provides metro-Denver’s parenting teen moms free resources that empower and equip them for long-term
independence and self-sufficiency.  By providing residential, mentoring and GED programs, as well as life skills classes and
certified counseling, Hope House is committed to transforming the lives of these young moms and their children.

“I now understand that I can’t change my beginning, but I can create new endings.”
~Patience, Mentoring Program Participant

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Maps & Course Deets

Stenger Soccer Complex
11200 W 58th Ave, Arvada, CO 80002

1M Course  (32% Soft Surface / 68% Concrete) Elevation Profile
1M athletes will leave the Stenger parking lot toward the south to join up with Van Bibber Creek Trail.  Making a right hand / westbound turn, athletes will have run exactly 1/2 mile before turning around to return the way they came on this out & back course.
Male Record: Jess Palmer, 2017 Polar Prowl- 5:23   Female Record: Morgan McGarvey, 2018 Polar Prowl- 8:55
Course Average: 16:16
5K Course  (10% Soft Surface / 17% Concrete with Adjacent Soft Surface / 73% Concrete) Elevation Profile
5K athletes will leave the Stenger parking lot toward the south to join up with Van Bibber Creek Trail. Making a right hand / westbound turn, athletes will run approximately 1.3 miles before reaching the first turnaround on this double out & back course. Athletes will return the way they came, passing the northbound path to complete a short dogleg, then turn around again and head for the finish line having had 2 opportunities to fuel up along the way.
Male Record: David Rieder, 2018 Summer Breeze- 16:04 (5:11)   Female Record: Maijaleena Zimmerman, 2014 Summer Breeze- 19:27 (6:17)
Course Average: 36:25 (11:45)
10K Course  (5% Soft Surface / 23% Concrete with Adjacent Soft Surface / 72% Concrete) Elevation Profile
10K athletes will leave the Stenger parking lot toward the south to join up with Van Bibber Creek Trail. Making a right hand / westbound turn, athletes will run approximately 2.5 miles before turning around to return the way they came on this double out & back course. Athletes will pass the northbound path to complete the second short out & back, then turn around again and head for the finish line having had 5 opportunities to fuel up along the way.
Male Record: Ryan Guldan, 2017 Polar Prowl- 36:44 (5:55)   Female Record: Theresa Fitz-Endres, 2014 Summer Breeze- 40:07 (6:29)
Course Average: 1:04:35 (10:25)
Half Marathon Course  (2% Soft Surface / 22% Concrete with Adjacent Soft Surface / 76% Concrete) Elevation Profile
Half Marathon athletes will leave the Stenger parking lot toward the south to join up with Van Bibber Creek Trail. Making a right hand / westbound turn, athletes will run approximately 2.5 miles before turning around to return the way they came on this double out & back, two lap course.  Athletes will continue past the northbound path to begin the 2nd out & back, turn around again, then head out for a second lap. Upon completion of the 2nd out & back for the 2nd time, athletes will head for the finish line and will have had 10 opportunities to fuel up.
Male Record: Brad Seng, 2014 Polar Prowl- 1:15:12 (5:45)   Female Record: Monica Bishop, 2014 Polar Prowl- 1:29:19 (6:50)
Course Average: 2:14:27 (10:16)

Aid Station Deets

Relay Deets

For the camaraderie of a team sport, to inspire a friend or maybe to be encouraged
yourself… participating in a relay can be the most fun of all!

Teams- Relay teams will consist of 3 members who will complete 1 leg each of the half marathon course.
Legs- The course will be divided into legs as follows:
Exchange Point(s)- Exchanges will take place near Aid 1, in the instances indicated by ‘*’ above.  (Not right at the aid station, to avoid congestion, but near enough that everyone will have access to the facilities & support they need.)
Click here for a map or directions to the Exchange Point.
Transportation- Arranging for transportation to & from the exchange point(s) is the responsibility of each relay team, as shuttles are not being provided (at least for the time being).
Registration- Come up with a great team name, choose a captain, provide him/her with your entry fees, and have them register first.  Once the captain is in and the team is paid for, members will need to register individually.  (The amount charged to captains will be the entry fee less $10, allowing each member to either pay the balance or benefit from the NOSWAG discount.)
Participation- Team members will not be allowed to participate in both the relay and the individual half marathon.
Bibs- Each individual will be assigned and required to wear a unique bib, for safety purposes.  (Team bibs will be personalized with the first 20 characters of the team name.)
Timing Chips- One chip will be assigned to the team as a whole and distributed with the captain’s bib, regardless of which leg he/she chooses to complete.
Chip Transfers- Timing chips will be attached to easy-to-transfer slap bands, so whew… nothing to carry along the way!
Packet Pick-Up- Team members may choose to check in together or separately, but each individual will still be required to provide photo proof of identity at that time.
Finish- Team members who complete earlier legs are encouraged to enter the chute & cross the finish line with the member who completes the final leg.
Finisher Medals- Medals will only be available to members who are present when their their last team member crosses the finish line.
Awards- Relay teams will be viewed as one competitive category, for the time being, and the top 3 overall will be awarded during the half marathon ceremony.

All other features, rules, policies, terms & conditions apply as if relay team members had registered to race individually.


Groups of 5-9 receive $5 off each entry… 10-19 receive $10 off!
Just sign up together to receive your discount automatically.. no code necessary!

Premier: Thru 7/12 Early: Thru 11/12 Advance: Thru 12/29 *Late: Thru 1/9 **Walk-Up
1M $20 / $15 (no swag) $25 / $20 (no swag) $35 / $30 (no swag) *$40 **$40
5K $30 / $25 (no swag) $35 / $30 (no swag) $45 / $40 (no swag) *$50 **$50
10K $40 / $35 (no swag) $45 / $40 (no swag) $55 / $50 (no swag) *$60 **$60
Half $60 / $55 (no swag) $65 / $60 (no swag) $75 / $70 (no swag) *$80 **$80
Half Relay $135 / $120 (no swag) $150 / $135 (no swag) $180 / $165 (no swag) *$195 **$195

Too many race shirts to wear ’em all?  Not a fan of goodies in a bag?  That’s cool… just enter this discount code when you register and bam… $5 saved!  (Don’t worry, you’ll still be sportin’ that finish line bling with a taco filled belly when you download all those free race pics!)

Discount Code:  NOSWAG

IMPORTANT: Your decision to forego your race SWAG and register at the reduced rate is final. The moment you provide payment information & click to process your entry, changing your mind to add a shirt and goodie bag later will not be an option under any circumstances.

*Because goodies must be ordered far enough in advance to have them printed & shipped, athletes who register during late pricing will receive SWAG on a first come, first-served basis.  If the shirt size you prefer is unavailable when you register, please select your next best size to be sure you get one, then stop by the packet pick-up area after you race to see if a swap is possible.

**To be certain those who registered earliest receive the shirt size they requested, athletes who enter during walk-up (at Early Packet Pick-up or on Race Day) will need to wait until after they race to select from the sizes available.


Without YOU, these events simply wouldn’t be possible!

New Graphic- Earn Entries New Graphic- Earn Donations New Graphic- Earn Credits

From prep to packet pick-up, and from marshals to meal service, there are a variety of ways you can help. Sure…  when you volunteer, you can look forward to that warm & fuzzy feeling that comes by giving back, but with All-Out, there’s WAY more to it than that. There’s no experience necessary, but space is limited so please let us know you’re available right away! Athletes: We know endurance sports can take a big chunk out of your pocketbook and we’ve got your back.  Check out our ‘Earn a Free Entry’ program! Groups: Tired of those bake sales & car washes? We are happy to be a part of your fundraising efforts! (Donations begin with just 10 volunteers and you need not be an official nonprofit.) Students: Earn those credits in the most fun way possible!

Event Schedule

Wednesday, 1/9 11:59p Online Registration Closes
Thursday, 1/10 4:00 – 7:00p

Early Packet Pick-Up & Walk-Up Registration- Photo ID Required
Susan M. Duncan Family YMCA:  6350 Eldridge St, Arvada

Click here for directions.

Saturday, 1/12 7:00a Volunteer Check-In
7:30a Race Day Packet Pick-Up & Walk-Up Registration Open- Photo ID Required
8:45a Half Marathon & Relay Pick-Up & Registration Close
9:00a Half Marathon & Relay Start / 10K Pick-Up & Registration Close
9:10a 10K Start / 5K Pick-Up & Registration Close
9:20a 5K Start / 1M Pick-Up & Registration Close
9:25a 1M Start
10:00a 1M Awards & Prize Drawing
10:15a 5K Awards & Prize Drawing
10:45a 10K Awards & Prize Drawing
11:45a Half Marathon & Relay Awards & Prize Drawing

B- Register Now 5

General Information

Directions – The Stenger Soccer Complex is located at 11200 W 58th Ave in Arvada. From I-70, go north on Kipling then west on 58th. Stenger will be just past the baseball fields on the south side of the street. Click here for a map or to get directions.

Parking – Athletes & spectators will be required to park in the westernmost lots shown in blue on the site map above. Please follow all parking signs & staff direction on race day.

The above information is only that which is unique to this event.

Please click here to review other general but important details and AMP Company Policies.