Unlike anything anyone else is doing anywhere (as far as we know)YOU decide when your year starts and YOU decide which distance to race at each event!  No need to sweat about it now either… just lock in your dirt-cheap pricing when you purchase your pass, then register later for whichever distance best fits into your schedule!  Commit for the year to motivate your mojo or to give your budget a break… either way, it’s all about YOU!  Go ahead… go crazy… Run Amok!

All 10 5K’s:  $315
(Plus processing fees / Regularly $350 – $500)

All 10 10K’s:  $405
(Plus processing fees / Regularly $450 – $600)

All 10 Half Marathons:  $585
(Plus processing fees / Regularly $650 – $800)

1- 1M, 3- 5K’s, 3- 10K’s, 3 Half’s:  $425
(Plus processing fees / Regularly $460 – $610)

3- 5K’s, 3- 10K’s, 3 Half’s, 1 Full:  $475
(Plus processing fees / Regularly $520 – $670)

8- Half’s, 2 Full’s:  $625
(Plus processing fees / Regularly $690 – $840)

*Discount codes necessary to enter each event will be emailed within 1-2 business days after you finalize your purchase.*
*Please be sure to review all Terms & Conditions below before proceeding with your purchase.*

Terms & Conditions

♦  Passes purchased within 2 weeks prior to any given event will not begin until the following event.
I.e., Polar Prowl is only one week away when you purchase your pass… your first included event would be Mardi Crawl.

♦  It is the athlete’s responsibility to process their entry into each event on or before the advance pricing deadline. 
Once the advance pricing deadline has passed, codes will no longer be sufficient to cover the full entry fee for the determined distance.  Although you are more than welcome to pay the difference, please know that code values will not be adjusted to allow for late entry.  Codes that remain unredeemed when online registration closes for any given event are forfeited.

♦  It is the athlete’s responsibility to keep track of the pass codes provided.
Sorry, but because things can get a bit crazy around here from time to time, we simply cannot promise we’ll be available to look them up for you.

♦  It is the athlete’s responsibility to protect the pass codes provided.
I.e., You leave them laying on your desk at work and one of your co-workers decides to take advantage… boy, did you just give them a nice birthday present, as unfortunately, there will be no recourse through AMP whatsoever.

♦  Pass codes are not redeemable for cash and may not be extended beyond the original 12 month period of time.

♦  Pricing may not be combined with any other discount, promotion or offer.

♦  All sales are final and non-refundable under any and all circumstances.

♦  Any other rule, policy, term or condition that applies to an individual event but is not addressed uniquely here still applies.

♦  We reserve the right to add or modify terms & conditions as this program develops over time.