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All new for 2019 with more choices, lower pricing & finisher awards, plus awww yeah… we’ve
added series SWAG & a little something for the competitive type too, so go ahead… go crazy… Run Amok!

Discount Code: 19RAWinter

Series Registration
closes 1/9/19*
Discount Code: 19RASpring

Series Registration
closes 3/21/19*
Discount Code: 19RASummer

Series Registration
closes 7/17/19*
Discount Code: 19RAFall
Series Registration
closes 9/18/19*

‘Register Now’ buttons take you to a list of all registration pages.
To register for all events in any given season, just start with the first event, add the others to the same shopping cart & enter the discount code.
Already registered for one event in the season and you’d like to make a series out of it?
To register for the remaining season event(s), just register for the event(s) you need to add using the same imATHLETE account & enter the discount code.

*Although use of the series specific discount code is not required, as you may have volunteer credits, a group discount or some other
benefit to take advantage of…  to receive perks, you must be entered into all races for the season by the series registration deadline.

Series Perks

Start a Year with Any Season
Start with Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… whatever works best for you!
Booked solid through January?  Already have plans in March?  No problem… start with Summer and finish with Spring, if you like.  There is no required starting point.


Work Your Way Through a Year One Season at a Time
Choose the seasons that fit into your calendar!
Not quite sure where the year will take you?  Ahh… life.  No problem, you can register for each season as it comes, and only once you’re sure you can join us.
Skip a Season
Seasons need not be consecutive!
We’re not going anywhere, and neither are these finisher awards.  2019 Winter & Summer awards will still look just as nice if they’re combined with 2020 Spring & Fall.
Choose Your Distances
All the same distance or any combination!
Tailor your season to fit your budget, your training schedule, your challenge or passion… we just want to help you keep moving!
15% Off Single Event Entry Fees
Cha-ching… our deepest discount available!
Save more than $30 per season (depending on the distances you choose and when you register).  In any case, you’ll save more than enough to cover one free race each year!
One-of-a-Kind Finisher Awards
Customizable to be your personal motivation!
Polished acrylic creating a transparent runner when you bring all 4 together.  Stand ’em on their own like a trophy, add hooks to hang them as medals, picture hangers to display them as a plaques, or silicone feet to protect any surface where you may lay them flat.
All 4 Seasons Consecutively = Personalized SWAG
Printed with your unique total mileage!
Includes a coffee mug for daily motivation and a reminder of your accomplishment, with upgrades to apparel coming soon!  All 5K’s… 31 Miles, the longest distance each and every time… 157.2 Miles, or anything in between.  What will your mileage be?
All Event Specific SWAG Included
Yup… you get it ALL!

Race shirts, finisher medals, personalized bibs, free race pics, brag tags, post-race meal, prizes galore and more!  Oh, and did we mention it’s all for 15% Off?

Pricing may not be combined with any other discount, promotion or offer.  Finisher awards will be provided to all series finishers at the last race of each season.  Although seasons need not be consecutive to receive all 4 awards, events within a season must be consecutive.  (i.e. Racing 2019’s Spring Fever, then 2020’s Beat the Heat would not qualify you as a Spring Finisher.)  Personalized SWAG for the commitment to 4 consecutive seasons will be distributed either at the second race of the year (when you sign up for all 4 seasons at once), or at the second race of the 4th season you sign up for.

Annual Championship

Unlike anything being done anywhere else (as far as we know), fast or not so much, short or long distances, millennials & masters alike… we’ve balanced the playing field, now let’s see who’s really got the right stuff.  Will it be a simple competition, will friendly rivalries develop, or will it be an All-Out showdown?  (Pun intended.)  In any case, get ready for an epic 2019, folks… here’s how it works:

♦  Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 point holders, male & female alike:

1st Place: FREE entry into ALL 10 races of the following competitive year + your choice of Run Amok SWAG with ‘CHAMPION’ printing
2nd Place: FREE entry into 5 races of the following competitive year + your choice of Run Amok SWAG with ‘WINNER’ printing
3rd Place: Your choice of Run Amok SWAG with ‘WINNER’ printing

♦  Points will be awarded as follows (for the time being and until it gets a bit larger, 1M races are excluded from point earnings):

Race Distance: 5K 10K Half Full AND Age Group Placement: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and so on, through 20th
Points: 5 10 15 20 + Points: 20 19 18 17 16 15, 14, 13, etc.

♦  To be sure age groups typically participated in by fewer athletes are competitive, points will be earned differently than for race day awards:

Age Groups: 25 & Under 26 – 35 36 – 45 46 – 55 56 & Over

Unlike series options described above, each annual competition will begin with Winter and end the following Fall.  Standings will be updated at the completion of each season, and winners will be crowned at the first event of the following competitive year.  Although standings will be based entirely on the point system above, in the case of a tie, the athlete who raced the most miles will be declared the winner.  Should there still be a tie at that point, the winner will be the athlete who completed those miles in the least amount of time.  All athletes who participate in an All-Out event will be awarded points based on the above chart, so you don’t necessarily need to complete any specific season to be included.  Any rule, policy, term or condition that applies to an individual event but is not uniquely addressed here still applies.  We reserve the right to add or modify the terms & conditions of this competition as questions come in and clarifications become necessary.